Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New HEROES Webcomic

Last fall, I was privileged enough to write a two-part story for NBC's hit show, HEROES, starring Mohinder Suresh. This week, the first part of my new webcomic, FACES, starts, starring a mother-daughter team of Company agents of my own creation. You can read it FOR FREE here.

Like the last online graphic novel, this one is considered just as much a part of the Heroes canon as any episode. And while ties into this summer's over-arching story that leads into this fall's new season, you can read it without having any knowledge of past chapters. Hell, you can read it without having watched a single episode of Heroes.

With CYBORG coming out this Wednesday, and the second issue of TWO-FACE: YEAR ONE now available for pre-order, this is shaping up to be a huge comics week for me.


Ruth & Ryan said...

Congratulations, Mark! Faces was exciting and a good addition to the overall arc. And way to throw in MILF Island!

Talk to you soon!

Mark Sable said...

thanks Ryan. I was surprised they let me get away with that line...but hey, it's NBC, so cross promotion. Yeah, let's definitely talk soon.