Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Emerald City Con

This weekend, May 10-11, I'm going to be attending Seattle's Emerald City Con for the first time. It will be my last con until San Diego.
I'm sharing a table with Jeremy Haun. Not only is he was he a great artist on one of my favorite Image Books of the past few years, B. Clay Moore's Battle Hymn, I also just found out he's doing the flashback sequences for Two-Face: Year One. He joins an already impressive art team - Jesus Saiz handles most of the pencilling, Jimmy Palmiotti's on inks and Mark Chiarello is doing the covers (which are not what you'll find in previews).
I'll be there with copies of Grounded, Fearless and Hazed, and I'll be showing off art from Cyborg and Two-Face. Oh, and Hazed T-Shirts...I'm going to have to get a picture up soon, Kristyn Ferretti did a great job designing them - women's tees with the Hazed logo, and unisex "Stop The Spread of STDs" shirts that I hope to become a staple at comic conventions - Green Lantern shirts for the cool kids (STDs being the name of the fictional sororities in Hazed).
I'll also bring my sketchbook and annoy any artists I know. Hopefully, upon my return, I'll not only have one of my lengthy post-con reports, but have my scanner hooked up so I can show off my sketches from here and NYCC.

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