Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Comic Book Tattoo

It's official - a week after the release of Two-Face: Year One (July 16th), and the same week as Cyborg #3 (July 23rd), Comic Book Tattoo, an anthology dedicated to the songs of Tori Amos that will be released. It features a story by myself and artist Salgood Sam (Sea of Red, Therefore Repent) based on a song which I am not allowed to name yet.

If you don't know who Tori Amos is, she's not only an incredible singer/songwriter, but a comics afficianado who was Neil Gaimain's inspiration for Delerium in his Sandman books.

This is my third anthology story, my others being my Midget Western "They Shoot Ponies, Don't They", drawn by Rob Guillory in Popgun Volume 1 and my paen to New York, LA and Grand Theft Auto entitled Coast2Coast, drawn by The Amazing Joy Buzzards Dann Hipp in the Eisner Award nominated 24/7 Volume Two (if you are a pro or retailer, you can still vote for it.)

Newsarama has a good story on it here -, featuring the full track list of creators. Like my other anthology work, I'm surrounded by yet another stellar cast of writers and arstists, for which I have to thank editor/mastermind Rantz Hoseley for including me. This book is something special though, a 12” x 12” 480-page anthology.


Leif Jones said...

I'm very much looking forward to reading what everyone did on this book. I wrote and illustrated LITTLE AMSTERDAM for CBT. Sample art can be found on my blog.

Mark Sable said...

Hey Leif...looking forward to checking your story out. What's the link to your blog?