Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chat with me about Cyborg this weekend!

Next Wednesday, May 21st, the first issue of my six issue CYBORG series debuts. This Saturday, May 17th, at 8:30 PM EST, I'll be participating in my first ever live chat.

I'm happy to talk about Cyborg, my past work on Supergirl my unpublished Titans issues (featuring the first ever meeting between the Titans and the Flash's Rogues Gallery), my upcoming Two-Face: Year One mini-series, and anything else you want to ask me about.

(As a disclaimer, this is not an official DC chat, and anything I write is my own opinion, not DC's etc.)

I'm truly honored to get to contribute to the legacy of one of comics greatest characters, and I think old-school fans will be happy with what Ken, Carlo, Jonathan and myself have done with Vic.

As for how it's going to work... you need to have aol or aim to get in on this chat , just make up a screenname. Then either instant message teentitan2002 (who is gracious enough to host this chat) on aim or aol, or reply to this thread on DC's Teen Titans messageboard maybe one lucky fan might get a surprise after the chat.

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