Tuesday, July 21, 2009

UNTHINKABLE #3 and San Diego Comic-Con 2009

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Unthinkable, and all the hoopla surrounding it, has taken up most of my time. So much so that I forgot to announce the release of UNTHINKABLE #3, which is IN STORES NOW. (See Paul Azaceta's cover above).

(I also forgot to mention that my TWO-FACE: YEAR ONE mini-series is now collected in trade along with Scarecrow Year One Bruce Jones and Sean Murphy - my unpublished Teen Titans artist. The collection is entitled Batman: Two-Face/Scarecrow Year One and is also In STORES NOW

The script for Issue #3, you remember, is what got me detained by the TSA. boingboing picked up on the story, as did Heidi MacDonald's The Beat blog on Publisher's Weekly, and as a result I've been bombarded with media requests.

But as unpleasant as it was being hassled by airport security, I'd rather focus on the issue itself. I think Issue #3 is the best issue yet. BOOM! Editor in Chief and comics writing legend said he felt it's the issue where I really found the characters voices and "hit my groove", and critics so far seem to agree.

It features an incredibly intense opening, the death of a major character, and a great twist at the end. And oh yeah - the terror scenarios deal with religious extremists of various faiths trying to bring about the Apocalypse in Israel.

I just finished what I hope is the final draft of Issue 5, and the art in Issue 4 is almost completely done. Artist Julian Totino Tedesco continues to blow me away as I throw more and more seemingly impossible things for him to draw.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to mention that I'm going to be at San Diego Comic-Con every day and night, including previews. For the first time in the past few years, I won't have my own table. However, I'll still be happy to sign any of my work - Unthinkable, Batman: Two-Face Year One, Grounded, Fearless, Hazed, Supergirl, Cyborg, Heroes etc. Or just chat about comics.

The best place to find me is by the BOOM! Studios booth, #2543. I'll be hanging by there the most, and if I'm not there, one of the many nice people at the booth should be able to get a hold of me. Twitter is also not a bad idea - @ me or send me a DM. My twitter account is http://twitter.com/marksable and my Twitter name is, well, marksable. I'm clever like that.

Hope to see you all there, and thanks so much to those of you who are helping make Unthinkable a hit!

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