Tuesday, June 9, 2009

UNTHINKABLE #2 out THIS WEEK, West Coast Release Party @Meltdown in LA, Collector's Paradise signing in Winnetka, CA

It's a big week for UNTHINKABLE. First off, the second issue is in stores this Wednesday, June 10th. While I'm glad that the reception to Issue One was so positive, the first issue was mostly set-up for the action that kicks off in Issue 2 and doesn't let up. Our hero, Alan Ripley, has already witnessed some of the many terror scenarios he imagined for the (real-life) government Think Tank he joined after 9/11 come true.

Now, it's up to him to stop the rest from coming to fruition. His problem. He's a writer, not an action hero. We're going to finally start to see the comic and tragic consequences of the gap between who Alan is and who he thinks he is play out.

Speaking of writers with delusions of grandeur, (despite my run-ins with the TSA, I'm no Jason Bourne), I'm having a "West Coast Release Party" for the book at Meltdown comics this Wednesday, June 10th, from 7PM on. It should be fun, if for no other reason than there will be free beer and vodka.

If you can't make it, or just can't get enough of me, I'll be signing Unthinkable this Saturday, June 13th, from 12-3PM at Collector's Paradise just off the 101. I'll be playing second fiddle to the extremely talented Marc Guggenheim (writer of Spider-Man, TV's Eli Stone and the upcoming Green Lantern film). He'll be signing his new book, Resurrection.

More info to come...

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