Friday, August 1, 2008

Still not recovered from Comic-Con yet, but nevertheless, I'm headed to Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles tonight, Friday August 1st at 6PM to sign copies of Tori Amos' Comic Book Tattoo anthology (along with Cyborg, Two-Face and anything else if people ask). I got to meet Tori at Comic-Con, and she was extremely gracious. She talked about how much the song "Upside Down", which I adapted with Salgood Sam, meant to her. Of our story, she said "how brave", and I think the fact she picked it to promote the book on MySpace Comics (click the link to read our story FREE, in its entirety) is testament to how happy she was with it.

From my end, it was a blast to work with Max (aka Salgood), a true collaboration in the best sense of the word. It was an honor to not only work with Tori but to be included with contributors of such talent. And most of all to work with Editor Rantz Hoseley, who killed himself to make what I think is one of the most impressive comic anthologies in the history of the medium.

Again, while you can read my story for free by clicking on the MySpace link above, I encourage you to buy it. Whether in hard or softcover...this book is something to be seen. 12x12 (LP size) and I don't know how many inches thick, this book is a tome, and you're not likely to see art presented this way for such a reasonable price.

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