Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cyborg #4 in stores now.

Issue 4 of D.C. Special: Cyborg, has been available since Wednesday. As you can see from the cover, supervillains kick the Teen Titan's ass while Cyborg does nothing but weep for them. Actually, while the supervillains (Wildebeest and Equus) take on the Titans and Teen Titans, Vic learns he's not the only cyborg in town, and goes in search of wounded soldiers forced to use his stolen technology.

After this, there's two more issues of Cyborg coming out in September and October. Also in September, the second issue of Two-Face: Year One arrives in stores. It's been a pretty busy year so far - I don't think there's been a single month yet where I haven't had a graphic novel, comic or webcomic published.

I'm now working on my next round of creator owned projects, as well as pitching to the big two, and hope to have some announcements here soon.

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