Monday, July 21, 2008

Two-Face: Year One out this Wednesday, my dad, and where I'll be in San Diego

Above is Mark Chiarello's awesome cover to the first issue of Two-Face: Year One, which is finally out in stores this Wednesday. It's 48 pages, prestige format, with art by Jesus Saiz and Jeremey Haun, inks by Jimmie Palmiotti and lettering by my friend, and great comic creator in his own right, Sal Cipriano. It's a deeper exploration of Harvey Dent (for those of you who don't read comics, Aaron Eckhart's character in the wonderful Dark Knight), as much a hard boiled crime story as a Batman superhero tale. And I'm more proud of the writing on this as just about anything I've ever done.

It occurs to me as I write this, that despite the many interviews I've done for this book, I don't think I've talked about how much my dad was an influence on this project. Like Harvey Dent, my father is a former prosecutor (Federal, not state), and a lifelong civil servant who remained honest despite the sea of corruption that often categorized the REAL Gotham, New York City. Unlike Harvey, my father never crossed over to the dark side, but he did provide me with a plethora of stories about cops, lawyers and mobsters that found their way into this project. When you read the joke about a cop being assigned a two-thousand year old murder case, that's my dad and his humor right there. Although I may not have followed in his footsteps (I have ga law degree but have never practiced law), he's still my hero.


As for San Diego, I'll be at Comic-Con this whole weekend. I'll be at the Image table, primarily, either signing my own books - Grounded, Fearless and Hazed, or signing Comic Book Tattoo with my fellow contributors to that Tori Amos anthology. Of course, I'm happy to sign Two-Face, Cyborg and Supergirl, my DC projects to date, or the award-nominated Image anthologies Popgun and 24/7 Volume 2.

(note - if you're reading this, and are looking for a particular issue of Grounded or Fearless, let me know and I can make sure to bring it).

EDIT: Signing (and sketching) with me will be Grounded's Paul Azaceta, Hazed's Robbi Rodriguez, and Fearless co-writer Dave Roth (Dave probably won't sketch).

Also, evidently there is a special edition Heroes comic for the con that features my two-part Suresh story from last year. Not only will I be happy to sign that, but if anyone can snag me a copy I'll happy to pay you for one and throw in some free stuff as well.

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