Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Midget Westerns, and why I'm an award magnet

Since my days at Howard Stern, where I got to work with the late, great Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf and Beetlejuice (although sadly, not Eric the Midget, er, Eric the Actor), I've dreamed of bringing the midget experience to the page. More specifically, the untold stories of the midgets who tamed the west. My first (but hopefully, not last), midget Western, "They Shoot Ponies, Don't They?" (illustrated by Rob Guilroy), was published in Image's Popgun anthology. Not only was "Ponies" groundbreaking work, it's now being recognized for it's brilliance.

So far I've been published in two comic book anthologies (not including Comic Book Tattoo, the Tori Amos project out soon). And so far, both have been nominated for major awards. 24/7 Volume 2, edited by Ivan Brandon, is nominated for an Eisner.

Now, Popgun Volume 1, edited by Mark Andrew Smith and Joe Keatinge, is nominated for a Harvey. Coincidence? Let's just say if you're putting together an anothology, I might just be your good luck charm.

Seriously, I was flattered to be in both anthologies. Ivan, writer of Cross Bronx and NYC Mech, helped me on all my creator owned projects, whether he's been credited or not, and helped me get Grounded to Image, launching my career. Mark, the writer of Amazing Joy Buzzards, Aqua Leung and Kill All Parents was one of the first pros I've met, and is both exceedingly talented and down to earth. And Joe, now marketing director at Image, has been my behind the scenes champion there, promoting my work, making sure it gets out on time, and handling the thousands of crises that pop up when you trying to get a comic out on time.

So I'd be remiss not just to thank these guys publically, or encourage you to buy their books, but in the case of Popgun, to vote for it so it's not just a Harvey nominee, but a Harvey award winner. You can do so here.

Coming soon, word on where and when I'll be during San Diego Comic-Con, word about Two-Face: Year One (out next week!) and my new creator-owned project.

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