Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Top Ten Reasons to Buy Teen Titans Spotlight: Cyborg - TODAY

The Top 10 reasons to buy my Teen Titans Spotlight: Cyborg trade TODAY:

10.He’s black. You’re not. Racist? Do the math.

9. Find out what’s underneath those steel underpants.

8. This Cyborg not in a wheelchair.

7. tCyborg trade: Man vs. Machine theme not explored enough Battlestar Galactica

6. You don’t need to read Final Crisis to understand it.

5. Surprise crossover with Marvel – he rapes Machine Man Iron Sheik style.

4. @Shaq promises to follow up his Steel performance when movie made.

3. Real reason for Vic's cybernetics – hit with bottle at Comicon

2. Cyborg trade: Sonic disruptor replaced by Sybian.

1. Cyborg trade: Vic finally cured…of being black!

All meant in jest...hope you'll pick it up if you weren't able to pick up any or all of the single issues.


Eric Orchard said...

OK, I'm sold on it.

Ryan said...

#1 should have been, "Rasheed still can't read, but you can."

siti halamah said...

I like that...