Monday, October 13, 2008

Two-Face Year One #2 out now, Cyborg #6 out this Wednesday

As of this week, the final issues of both my mini-series for DC Comics will be out. Two-Face: Year One #2 (of 2) is in stores now. As far as I'm concerned, I think it's the best thing I've ever written.
Issue One chronicled the rise and fall of district Harvey Dent, culminating in the acid splash to the face that made him, well, Two-Face. It also Dealt with the formation of Commissioner Gordon's squad of "untouchables", the only honest cops on Gotham's force, the ones that wind up becoming the core cast of one of my favorite series of all time, Gotham Central. Finally, it introduced Harvey's nemesis, corrutp mob lawyer Mort Weinstein.
In Issue Two, there is no Harvey, only Two-Face. Mort Weinstein, still working for the mob, is running for D.A. But there's a catch - Harvey's name is on the ballot. He decides to run as Two-Face. His campaign platform - you're better off getting justice from a flip of the coin then from a city as rotten as Gotham is. Batman, Gordon and his untouchables are caught in the middle of this no win situation.
The second issue has the same noir tone of the first, but adds a ton more villiains from Batman's rogue's gallery, some well known, and some obscure. And if you ever wondered where the coin came from in the Batcave, I'll finally give you the answer.
Issue 6 of DC Special: Cyborg, is out this Wednesday, October 15th. In the previous five issues, we've learned that the mercenary Mister Orr (from Brian Azarello and Jim Lee's Superman run) has stolen the technology of Vic Stone, the man known has cyborg. Orr has given the technology to a group of maimed veterans. The catch - if they want to keep their limbs, they've got to keep killing for Orr - no matter who the target is.
In the final issue, Vic has met the recipients of his cybernetics - The Phantom Limsb. Vic is faced with the moral dilemma of whether or not he should take those cybernetics back. At the same time, he's confronted with a team of supervillains called the Cyborg Revenge squad. Not only does Issue 6 resolve these dilemmas, it makes some major changes in Vic's social life as well.

I hope you'll check both issues out. I should be back here soon to start talking about next years upcomins projects.

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