Monday, April 14, 2008

HUGE NEWS WEEK much to announce this week.
First of all, DC has finally annouced my top secret project, TWO FACE: YEAR ONE. It's coming out in July, just in time for The Dark Knight (although it takes place in DC, not movie continuity). Here's the cover:

And the solicit info:
Written by Mark Sable
Art by Jesus Saiz & Jimmy Palmiotti
Cover by Mark Chiarello
In a time of corruption and greed, the only force keeping Gotham City from collapsing into utter chaos included Assistant District Attorney Harvey Dent, a cop named Jim Gordon, a vigilante known only as Batman — and a mysterious group of untouchable crimefighters working outside the law. Be here to witness the beginning of a legacy, when a meeting between Gotham’s Finest and Gotham’s Vilest spawn the protectors who will safeguard Gotham’s future, as well as the monster who will try to burn it to the ground. Don’t miss the start of this exciting 2-part miniseries featuring one of The Dark Knight’s most fearsome foes!On sale July 16 • 1 of 2, 48 pg, Prestige Format, FC, $5.99 US

I'll have much more to say on it later, but for now...let me just say it's a dream project for me.

Also in July, the third issue of my Cyborg mini series hits. Here's the cover:

And the solicit:


Written by Mark Sable

Cover by Tony Daniel & Sandu Florea

Art by Carlos Magno & Jonathan Glapion

Victor Stone thought he was the only man to deal with the power and pain that comes with the name Cyborg. Now, he's learned that someone long thought dead is using Vic's deadly technology to battle the Teen Titans. Can Vic stop this new enemy and learn the dark truth behind his foe's creation?On sale July 23 • 3 of 5 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

More to say on Cyborg later too.

What, that's not enough? What if I told you that 24/7, the anthology where my story COAST2COAST with art by the Amazing Joy Buzzard's DAN HIPP was nominated for an Eisner. And EISNER! I said this on Editor Ivan Brandon's forum, but it was an honor to be asked to be part of a project with so many great creators (Ashley Wood, Adam Hughes, Jason Aaron...the list is staggering). Ivan edited GROUNDED and was the de-facto editor of FEARLESS and HAZED. It's not an understatement to say I wouldn't be in comics if it wasn't for his time, wisdom and patience. He's incredibly deserving of this award, so if you're a voter or a judge, reward him for putting together a phenomenal book.

There's more. I'll post more details soon, but I'll be at New York Comic-Con this weekend, April 18-20th, along with my collaborators Paul Azaceta (GROUNDED), PJ Holden (FEARLESS) and Robbi Rodriguez (HAZED). I'll have a table in artist's alley (K6 to be precise), I'll be signing at the Image table from 3-4 on Friday and doing a panel on Saturday afternoon as well:

Brave New World - Image Comics

SAT 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Room 1e16
Three generations of Image creators, including Image founders (Publisher Erik Larsen), established creators (such as Dynamo 5 and Noble Causes' Jay Faerber) and all-new creators (including the front man of the insanely popular prog rock band, Coheed & Cambria, Claudio Sanchez, who is establishing himself as a writer in The Amory Wars and Mark Sable from Hazed & Grounded) will spend the hour in this exclusive New York Comic Con interview.

Believe it or not, still more news to come...

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