Monday, March 24, 2008


This Saturday at 8:00PM, March 29th, Meltdown Comics here in LA is hosting “Pledge Night!”, the official college-themed release party for HAZED (as well as Brian Lynch and Dave Crosland’s “Everybody’s Dead”, an hysterical book about the last fraternity on earth during a zombie invasion).

HAZED artist Robbi Rodriguez will be there, Jim Mahfood and Dave Crosland will be doing live art to the beat of DJ Expo.

And oh yeah…OPEN BAR courtesy of official sponsor Asahi Beer.

Meltdown (7522 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90047) is not only within stumbling distance of my apartment, it’s one of the cooler stores and party venues in LA (their Y: The Last Man Party was amazing). Which means it’s suitable for taking your non-comic fan friends and significant others.

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ryan cody said...

Wow, if I had the money I would drive out for that. Sable, Crossland, Mahfood, Robbi and free Asahi, sounds great!